Cesspools of Shame (or “my transition in and out of veggiehood”)

Ok, I know I’m a little late to the Food, Inc. party.  But I finally got around to watching it today.  And, I dry heaved mostly all the way through it.  That and cried.  Crying and dry-heaving = the sign of a good movie? Actually, yes. There was not a bit of information that was new to me.  I’m actually quite well versed in food production and the animal and environmental consequences.  But, sometimes it helps to have it thrown back in your face, just to keep you on your toes and make sure you aren’t getting complacent.

And, oh my, that’s just what Food, Inc. did for me.

I’ve been a reformed veggie for a year or so now.  I.e. a former veggie who occasionally eats meat.

The funny thing is, I really have only one meat love.  Hot Dogs.

Which is truly ironic because hot dogs were the reason I first started forgoing meat.  When I was in middle school, I saw a video in class about how hot dogs were made.  And that did it for me.  No more hot dogs.

It just grew from there.  I never really liked meat much anyway, so it wasn’t a hard transition from Omnivore to Pescatarian.  Fish has always been a weakness because sushi is oh so delish.  But I eventually gave it up. As a teenager my opposition to meat was primarily an animal rights (and treatment of animals) thing.

Then, as I moved on to college, my vegetarianism was further solidified through my studies for my Environmental Science Degree.  I worked in the Interdisciplinary Environmental Law clinic during my senior year of college as my capstone project.  I worked primarily on water pollution cases dealing with CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations).  So my vegetarianism became an animal rights and environmental thing.

When I got to law school, one night when I was intoxicated, I broke down and ate a hot dog. But, I was a vegetarian from age 15 to age 25. So, nearly a decade of vegetarianism was broken down by the all-powerful hot dog. After that one hot dog, I’ve dabbled in meat eating on occasion (um…mostly for hot dogs).  But, when I cook, I still only cook vegetarian meals.  I never cook meat.  And I rarely crave meat.  But, I’ll occasionally break down and eat a hot dog.  So, for the past year, I haven’t called myself a vegetarian, because it just seems so fake.  Even if my meat consumption is once every 6 mos.

But, I’m announcing today, I’m going back to being a full blown vegetarian. No meat.  No fish.

Honestly, after again viewing the conditions that our “meat” lives in before it’s slaughtered has made a hot dog once again no longer appealing.  Good bye my desire for a hot dog.  CAFOs are horrible.  Horrible to the animals (I can’t begin to discuss it because it, again, makes me dry-heave and cry at the same time) and really really horrible to the environment.  When I was working in the law clinic, we were all given a copy of Cesspools of Shame to read.  It was both interesting and depressing.  But, outlines all the bad things our factory farms do to the environment.

Anyway.  Back to Veggie for me.  For good.  Forever.  Ok.  Rant over. :)

In related but not directly related news, I found a WONDERFUL CSA in Disgusta.  Holla.  There is one that I’ve been trying to hook up with all summer, but I keep missing the sign up times and apparantly their emails just go to my junk mail.

And finally. PROPS TO ME for doing a LONG RUN ON THE TREDDY! I was worried my head would explode after 6 or so miles on the treddy, but I made it all 10 miles.  Stupid rain, go away.

10 mile Long Run

  • Total time: 1:26:46
  • Avg Pace: 8:41 min/mi
  • Splits: 9:20/8:56/8:56/8:56/8:41/8:41/8:41/8:24/8:20/7:50 (negative splits!)

3 thoughts on “Cesspools of Shame (or “my transition in and out of veggiehood”)

  1. Congrats on a 10 miler on the dreadmill (as I like to call it) Tough stuff! Just found your blog through another blog… We like a lot of the same things! I’ve never been a fan of hotdogs, but I just had a roast beef sandwich for the first time in YEARS! (I think I am low on iron… and it was available…) My stomach regretted it immediately. :(

    Look forward to reading more of your posts!

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