Baby loves to dance in the dark.

I keep wanting to write a post about my rocky painful and yucky transition into adulthood (I grudgingly accept that as a homeowner and licensed attorney, i’m now an adult.).  But everytime I sit down, I have other things to write about (like how I’m running again!).  Oh well.  Next time.

But, like I said, I started running again! After a very enjoyed few weeks off, I’m back training like a fiend.  It’s weird though, having jumped from October to December in terms of running.  While I had a hope of running in the light after work in October, there is now only 20 minutes of daytime when I’m not at work.  So, all of my December runs are done in the dark.  The thing is, I used to prefer running in the dark.  And, I guess I still do.  But, honestly I’d just prefer to have the option not to be running in the dark.

The past few weeks I’ve felt like this was the first time I’ve ever been in a situation where I have no runnable day time because of work.  Which surprised me, because this isn’t the first winter that I’ve worked through as an adult.  I mean, in grad school, my schedule was so flexible, I could run almost any time.  But, last year I worked until 7pm most nights.  And I don’t remember a winter’s worth of dark/night-time runs.  And, seriously, this has bothered me for a while now.  Why does this winter feel suddenly so oppressively dark this year when it didn’t last?

It dawned on me last night.  I was in a boot from Nov 08 til Apr 09.  I wasn’t doing any running last winter.  I mostly sat on my butt or went to spinning classes.  And that solves that mistery.  So this winter is really my first winter as a working adult where I have to run either in the dark in the morning or the dark in the evening.

Fortunately, my mommy bought me a bright running jacket when I was home for T-giving.

I gloooow.

So, two nights ago I ventured out into the dark to go for my first training run: 6mi @ 8:30ish.  It felt awful.  Mostly mentally awful because I’m just not nearly as mentally tough as I used to be.

And last night, I had a tempo run that I’d been dreading ALL day…I was supposed to run a 1mi warm up followed by 3mi @7:36 then a 1mi cool down.  I was CONVINCED that I COULD NOT run 3mi at 7:36…especially with how sluggish I felt yesterday.

I kept telling myself, just get up and get out. Get up and get out.  And I finally did.  And the workout was hard, but not miserable.

5MI in 40:28

  • 1mi warmup @ 9:20
  • 3MI Tempo @ 7:24 :)
  • 1mi cooldown @ 8:58 (with the baby boy brennan)

And, I did cheat a little…I “cut out” a hill that was on my route (I still ran all the other hills…).  And, I know I know, I’m only cheating myself.  AND I’m not going to do that again.  But, in my defense i DID run the Walton Way hill TWICE.

Followed this up with some core work:

  • plank: 1min
  • side plank: 45sec each side
  • plank with elbows on ball: 40sec
  • stability ball jackknife:
  • stability ball roll outs:
  • plank rotations: 30 sec.

I really hate doing ab work…but I LOVE the feeling of my abs being sore the next day :)  (And, I know that it will help my running…)

Lately, I spend a lot of time battling the mental side, that little voice that says “this hurts you should stop.”  Or, the one that says, “you aren’t as fast as you used to be, why are you even trying?”  or the worst one “there is no such thing as an easy run.  easy runs are for lazy people.”  I need to work on that.   Any tips or suggestions????

And a last happy note…I DO have heat.  My furnace will need to be replaced soon, but for now, I’m no longer freezing.  See:

Bare legs: That NEVER would have happened before the heat got fixed.  And yes, I’m leaning in for a kiss with the pup.  Um, I may have tried to take a picture for my parents of my and B…and he made the move (please note that I’m actually leaning away from him in the picture.)  So, it’s mutual.

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